Decor & Styling

Decor & Styling

Airbnb & Real Estate Styling/Decor

Great for Airbnb staging, realtors staging a property, home styling for new home owners, or just want to revamp yours space with a few new pieces

Interior Design is an essential step for any short-term rental host or property that will be hitting the real estate market. As more potential buyers/travellers are becoming spoiled with selections. Unappealing and impractical interior design can affect your sales/occupancy rate and, consequently, the ROI. 

Tailored attractive design, thats well thought out on the other hand can drive more bookings and sales. 


Residential Decoration/Design Styling 

Perfect for new home owners wanting to style and decorate your interiors you've come to the correct place.

Our decor and styling services are the perfect solution for those with evolving tastes. Your space can be reinvented with a few or all new statement pieces,  floor-plan rearrangement, or new built in pieces; all which can bring your stale or stagnant design back to life.

The trick is not to start from scratch but to breathe new life into an already built space. Like all good design, the interior refreshment service curates interiors that are timeless and reflect our current being. Our style and lives are always evolving – just as you and your space are, as well. 

Working with interior designer Jasmine Mirahmadi, we work with your vision, personal style and bring that into the overall concept and design scheme. Sourcing the correct pieces or custom designing furniture to fit your home. Principles and elements of design are all incorporated: Size, scale and portion of furniture, as well textile and texture are all taken into consideration when layering these design elements into your new space.


Decor & Styling Includes: 

- Mood/Concept Development

- Furn, acces & Lighting Sourcing

- Furniture & RCP ( electrical ) plans

- Revisions 

- Purchase/ Install


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