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Jasmine Mirahmadi is the founder and creative visionary behind Mirahco Interior Design.

Bringing professional artistic direction and fine attention to detail Mirahmadi's expertise in Interior Design is applied in everything she takes on. Offering interior design services for anyone in need of professional artistic direction. 

Passion for design, insight, and cultivation, Mirahmadi executes residential and commercial interior design, Fine Art Consulting, Custom Furniture, Renderings, and Interior Renovations of all size. Providing personalized design services and establishing long term relationships with clients.

With expertise in a variety of design subjects, through innovation, conceptual exploration and designing highly creative solutions that embody our client's essence. Mirahmadi provides seamless quality designs, promoting healthy living habits within interiors specializing in all aspects of interior design, room functionality, balance, space planning, remodelling, schematic design; ensuring coexistence of form and function.